11 Top Travel Nursing Benefits

11 Top Travel Nursing Benefits

If you are currently working as a travel nurse or thinking of becoming one, you likely know that there are many convincing reasons to join the field. It is a stable career with good compensation and opportunities for growth. Better yet, you get to help people in a truly meaningful way. In addition, there may be some travel nursing benefits you aren’t aware of. Below are some of the top benefits of joining this field.

1. Workplace Variety

Working as a permanent nurse in a single facility can be rewarding. However, one can get tired of seeing the same hallways every day. As a travel nurse, you get the opportunity to experience new workplaces on a regular basis. Furthermore, you can try out different facility types and start to learn which environments are best for you.

2. Flexibility

Travel nurses are in high demand. They are always needed somewhere new and for new purposes. This affords you the chance to choose where you want to work. Better yet, you can switch things up as you go. This flexibility is both personally rewarding and excellent for your professional growth.

3. Opportunities To Meet New People

While you are traveling to new workplaces, you get the chance to meet new people. Many nurses enter the field to help people. Getting the chance to see more faces and work with more people is one of the great travel nursing benefits.

4. Better Compensation

Nursing is a good field for strong compensation. The median pay is around $66,000 a year. It is even stronger for travel nurses. With all benefits and allowances accounted for, many travel nurses earn over $100,000 per year in total compensation.

5. Great Housing

Some people worry that becoming a travel nurse will either lead to the stress of moving a lot or mean living out of a suitcase. However, many agencies offer to house you as one of their benefits. Better yet, they will take care of all the hassle for you. All you need to do is show up and enjoy your home.

6. Reimbursements

Licensing, scrubs, and other common nursing costs can stack up. Due to the demand for travel nurses, some agencies reimburse these costs. This allows you to enjoy all the benefits of this flexible field without having to pay out of pocket for these types of professional expenses.

7. Skipping the Politics

Let’s face it, one of the worst drawbacks of any job is workplace politics. One of the benefits of being a travel nurse is that you get to skip this professional nuisance. As you visit new worksites, you don’t need to worry about politics because most assignments last only around 13 weeks.

8. A Chance To Get Ahead

Whenever you are planning a professional move, the opportunity to take your career to the next level is always on your mind. Travel nursing offers a convenient way to pick up new skills, meet new peers, and advance your career. These experiences can set you apart from other job candidates as you take on new opportunities.

9. Helping More People

If you are like most nurses, you got into this line of work to help people. Working as a traveling nurse can increase your impact. You will work with more patients and help more people with their healthcare. Whether you are assisting with a disaster or serving other people who are truly in need, you get a chance to make a real difference in people’s lives.

10. Great Job Security

It is reassuring to know that you can count on continued employment. Healthcare is almost always in need and flexible, high-skill nurses who can help out where needed are a hot commodity. Job security is one of the most compelling travel nursing benefits.

11. Planning for the Future

Part of working in the professional world is planning for retirement. Many travel nursing agencies offer great benefits such as 401(k) matching. Working as a traveling nurse can give you security both now and in the future.

Learn More

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