Wandering Nurses

What is a Wandering Nurse or Travel Nurse?

We are nurses who work on short-term assignment and travel from location to location for a designated time fulfilling the needs of a medical facility who employs them.

Wanderers may be used by a hospital or physicians office to fill a temporary shortage due to busy seasons or peak times, or absences due to maternity leave or illness in the permanent full-time nursing staff.

Assignments can vary in length from days  to several months, depending on the nurse’s availability, and the facility’s need.  Most often the assignment  is 13 weeks which is the industry standard.

Choose and Share the Travel Nursing Experience

Most nurses choose to travel because they want to experience a variety of work settings and locations before settling down full time. Travel nursing is generally more ideal for nurses who have not started a family or have obligations at home. Flexibility of your work schedule allowing you to work as much, or as little as you want, by controlling the number of assignments you book this can be a dream job for many nurses.

We are the go to place to seek information from other nurses who have may have been there and done that.

Nurses are busy and at times work long strenuous shifts and do not have the time to spend researching agencies, facilities, best states to work and many other topics, we at wondering nurses hope that this blog will be helpful as you begin or further your travel nursing career.

If there are topics you would like to see let us know!

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