Becoming a Traveling Nurse – What Does it Take?


Many people, including nurses, are looking for a change in career. They are either a little burnt out or are looking for a change of scenery. A nurse looking for a change should consider becoming a traveling nurse. Many people do not realize it is not as difficult as it seems. So, what does it take to become a traveling nurse?

Educational Requirements

In order to become a traveling nurse, a person must first become, at a minimum, a Registered Nurse. Becoming an RN is not easy. It is a competitive field and requires anywhere from 2-4 years of education. After a person has earned his or her credentials they must pass an exam, the NCLEX-RN. Once the exam is passed the registered nurse must work in his or her specialty for at least a year, in a hospital.

Additionally, it is a good idea for the person to obtain certification in their specialty. They may also be required to have a current TB test, specific immunizations, and a physical before they can even apply for a travel nursing position.

Find an Agency

The next step to becoming a traveling nurse is to find an agency. Choosing the right agency is essential to making a person’s traveling nurse experience a good one. The right agency will help the person choose an assignment that is best for them. They will also help them get in the proper paperwork and help the person work on obtaining a compact RN license or help the person acquire the necessary state license for their assignment.


Travel Nursing Position

Finding a travel nursing position is not going to be difficult because the need for nurses is so high. The trick is finding a travel nursing position that fits the person’s wants and/or needs. That is why it is essential that the person picks a travel nursing agency that they feel comfortable with and trust. The person must feel comfortable enough to be able to tell the agency chosen what type of position they’re looking for and also where they’d like to travel.

There is, of course, no guarantee that there will be a travel nursing position available in the location the person desires. However, in most cases, there is some type of position available within the same state. Being open-minded and flexible a person can usually find a travel nursing position that suits them.

Another important piece of information to keep in mind that most travel nursing positions are for an average of 13 weeks. So even if the position that the person acquires ends up not being a great fit their commitment is short. If however, the person loves the assignment there are opportunities, sometimes, for a traveling nurse to be offered a permanent position.

Becoming a Traveling Nurse Wrap Up

Becoming a traveling nurse is not as difficult as many people believe. Anyone wanting to become a nurse must obtain the proper education, which usually takes 2-4 years. He or she must also work as an RN, in their field of specialty for at least a year. They must also find a traveling nurse agency that they are comfortable with and trust. And finally, he or she needs to find and choose a position that they feel will suit them.

Traveling nurses can have a very positive experience by being prepared, doing their homework and being flexible. The purpose of being a traveling nurse is to get to travel, experience different cultures and food, gain different nursing experiences, which will give a person more skill sets and to hopefully earn some extra money along the way. Becoming a traveling nurse can open up many doors for a person.

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