Best Travel Nurse Jobs

Best Travel Nurse Jobs, travel nurse jobs, travel nurses

As with any career there are positions that everyone wants and positions that no one wants. This article is going to take a look at the best travel nurse jobs that are out there right now. Be aware that as quickly as positions get posted they also get filled. We are going to focus on categories of positions that are considered the best travel nurse jobs right now.

Travel nurses are wanted all over the United States. Some of the positions that are available are considered the best travel nurse jobs and some are considered the worst travel nurse jobs. Let’s take a look at the best travel nurse jobs, in the United States, right now. Jobs are available from Florida, to New York, to California, to Michigan and everywhere in between. These jobs get ranked the best travel nurse jobs based on location, specialty and pay.

Medical Surgical

A medical surgical travel nurse will need to have the ability to manage the care for patients who have recently had a surgical procedure and/or have general medical conditions. This travel nursing position requires the nurse to have an RN license with in the state of the position. The RN is also required to have at least one year of experience as an RN in a medical surgical environment along with two years of RN experience.

The traveling nurse will be responsible for operating and monitoring equipment to monitor the patient’s condition. He or she must also be able to use universal precautions, infection control procedures and asepsis. Finally, the travel nurse needs to be able to provide comprehensive and safe nursing care.

ICU – Intensive Care Unit

An ICU traveling nurse is responsible for providing individualized care to patients within the ICU. Be aware this type of position will probably have some sort of specialty like coronary, surgical, etc. The requirements being listed are general, so be sure to find out if there is a specific requirement tied to the specialty.

The general requirements for an ICU traveling nurse, include but is not limited to, an RN license in the specific state, at least one year of experience as an RN with in an ICU environment and at least two years of experience as an RN. The travel nurse will be required to manage the care of patients that will require intense therapy, interventions, assessments that will be complex and be able to handle intense situations with the possibility of losing patients.


Telemetry is defined as “the process of recording and transmitting the readings of an instrument”. Travel nurses needed for this type of position must be able to interpret data. They must also provide the appropriate treatment necessary, based on that data. A telemetry travel nurse is required to have an RN license for the state the job is in. They will also need at least two years of RN experience and one year of experience within the telemetry environment. Traveling nurses wanting this type of position must be able to work with patients who require moderate interventions, therapies and assessments.

Best Travel Nurse Jobs, travel nurse jobs, travel nurses

Labor and Delivery

This type of position is requires the travel nurse to care for mothers going through labor. He or she will also be informing family members about the progress of the delivery, helping the doctor deliver the baby and educate the new parents about infant care. The traveling nurse will also need to be able to watch for and deal with any complications that come up. Along with an RN license for the specified state, the candidate needs 1 year of experience in labor and delivery, and at least 2 years as an RN.

ER – Emergency Room

An ER traveling nurse will be responsible for quickly assessing, intervening and stabilizing traumas and illnesses quickly and decisively. ER is extremely unpredictable the wide range of medical conditions coming through the doors. Traveling nurses in this position need to have experience with both specific issues and general ones.

The most important aspect of being an ER nurse is the ability to triage. Being able to triage means being able to properly prioritize injuries that come through the doors. As with most RN jobs the travel nurse needs to have an RN license for the state the position is in. He or she will also need 2 years of RN experience, and 1 year of experience in an ER.

Operating Room Surgical Tech

Creating a sterile surgical environment, preparing the operating room and taking it down and assisting the physician with all surgical procedures are the responsibilities of a travel nurse who takes a position to be an operating room surgical technician. A qualified candidate will need an active RN license, a BLS and at least 2 years of experience in on operating room environment.

Endoscopy/GI Lab

Having an RN license, BLS and ACLS, 2 years of experience as an RN and at least 1 year within an endoscopy environment are the necessary requirements for an endoscopy/GI lab nurse. Travel nurses will be responsible for providing care for patients who may require an endoscopy/GI lab procedure. He or she will also be responsible for assessing and monitoring patient during the procedure. Finally, the travel nurse may also end up being responsible for administering conscious sedation.

The above list of jobs is just a small sampling of the best travel nurse jobs out there right now. The list changes all the time, so be sure to do your research. Another important factor to remember is that finding time to do that research is not easy. You may want to look into working with a travel nursing agency.

They can help you with locating jobs you are interested in and where you are interested in working. In one of our articles to come we will offer some tips to help you figure out which are the best travel nurse agencies.

The best travel nurse jobs are ones that pay well, are in great locations and are welcoming to travel nurses. The jobs listed above are great options. However, if they don’t fit your specialty or your interest there are many more jobs out there for travel nurses.


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