Between Travel Nursing Assignments – What Should You Do?


Many people who become travel nurses forget to think about one thing, what they will do between travel nursing assignments. The answer to that question could be different for each person. Part of the answer will come from any responsibilities that you have. For example, if you have a house that may need to be checked on, you may want to go home between travel nursing assignments. Or if you like to travel, you may want to travel around wherever your assignment was. You could also keep working, by accepting another contract. 

Ultimately the choice is up to you and your individual needs or wants. The important thing to remember is that you do not get paychecks when you are not working. So, if you decide to do some traveling you will want to make sure you budget your money. What are some of the options for a person to do between travel nursing assignments?


Go Home

One option after a traveling nurse assignment is to go home. Perhaps you have family back home or just want to sleep in your own bed for a few nights. Going home is a great option for some travel nurses.

Back-to-Back Contracts

Another option for a travel nurse is to set yourself up with back-to-back contracts. Going from one assignment to another ensures you don’t have a stretch of time without a paycheck. The best way to ensure you will have one assignment after another one is to speak with your recruiter about 6 weeks before your current assignment ends.

By contacting your recruiter ahead of time it gives your recruiter time to set you up with another assignment. Be sure you account for the time necessary to complete your assignment, pack up, and travel to the next assignment.

Take a Break

One of the great aspects of travel nursing is the option to do some leisure traveling. Just like any other job, sometimes a break is needed. If you have budgeted properly you can take some time off to vacation or go home. However, you decide to use your time off be sure to recharge so when you do go back you are ready to go.

It is also very important to touch base with your recruiter to find out about your medical benefits. Does the agency you work with carry your insurance through times between contracts? If so, do you have to pay more for your medical benefits?

Another important factor to keep in mind is that not only are you not making money but if you go traveling you will be spending money. Be sure you have enough room in your budget to get you through.

What do most people do between travel nursing assignments?

There really is not a cut and dry answer to that question, because everyone’s situation is so different. A married couple, without children, may have the means to do quite a bit of traveling between travel nursing assignments. A married couple, with children, may need to go home to check on the house and/or kids. A single person might want to travel home to see family and then go for a vacation.

Between travel nursing assignments a person has a lot of options. He or she can accept another contract and do back-to-back assignments, take a break to go home or to travel.  Whatever a person decides is best for them and their situation is the answer to the question that posed at the beginning of this article, between travel nursing assignments – what should you do?


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