Is North Dakota a Good Destination for Travel Nurses?

North Dakota Travel nurse

Looking to land a high-paying travel nursing position? Or even possibly your first travel nursing assignment? Though it might not be the first place you think to go for a travel nurse assignment, North Dakota is a great destination. North Dakota is among the top states with great rates for nurses, and it provides unique professional opportunities, as well as a slower pace of life that nurses really enjoy.

Popular Cities for Travel Nurses in North Dakota

At LRS Healthcare, we place nurses in all corners of North Dakota. That said, there are some cities that are more popular than others.

Fargo and Bismarck, the two largest cities in North Dakota, are definitely the most popular cities for travel nurses. Not only are pay rates highest at these two destinations, but they also offer the most to do. Fargo, in particular, has a booming downtown and offers a unique small-town culture in a city with a population over 100,000.

But Fargo and Bismarck aren’t the only cities to land travel nursing assignments. Minot, Williston, and Dickinson are also popular destinations. If you’re looking for a very rural, small-town setting, we can place you pretty much anywhere in the state.

Travel Nurse Pay in North Dakota

With a combination of great pay rates and lower cost of living, North Dakota is a great destination for nurses looking to make good money. That’s because hospitals have a harder time getting nurses to come to the state, so they pay higher rates than hospitals will in the majority of states across the nation.

Unique benefit nurses might be able to take advantage of is the hospital paying for some of their housing. Though this only happens in some instances, a hospital paying for any housing expenses will allow you to pocket more of your housing stipend and make travel nursing in North Dakota even more profitable.

A Great Destination for First Time Travel Nurses

One of the unique things North Dakota offers is an opportunity for less experienced nurses to get into travel nursing. Many nurses can land their first travel nursing assignment, which is often the hardest to get, at one of the many Critical Access Hospitals throughout the state.

Getting Licensure in North Dakota

North Dakota is a compact state, making it very accessible to travel nurses. If you don’t already have a license, it’s possible to receive one in as little as ten days. It’s important to note that LRS Healthcare can’t submit you for positions until you have an active license.

Travel Nurses Enjoy Working in North Dakota

At LRS Healthcare, we’ve had many nurses choose to stay in North Dakota after their first assignment is up. The area provides a lifestyle that many really enjoy, and their experiences at North Dakota hospitals are very positive.

If you’re interested in applying for travel nursing jobs in North Dakota, contact us today!

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