What Makes for a Good Travel Nurse Agency?

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Almost all professions have good and bad aspects of the job, employers, recruiters, coworkers, etc. The travel nurse profession is no different. In this article we are going to take a look at what makes for a good travel nurse agency.

If you are currently a nurse considering the field of travel nursing this is a must read article. Joining the “right” travel nurse agency is key to making your experience a good one. You are going to want to choose a travel nurse agency that is personable, professional and looking out for your best interest. To begin you want to be sure the travel nurse agency you go with has the following services:

Develops a Plan

A good travel nurse agency is going to take the time to understand what the travel nurse is trying to accomplish with this new career path. Is the person trying to gain experience? Is traveling most important to them? And once the recruiter understands what the travel nurse is looking for a good travel nurse agency will help them meet their goals.

Help Gain Experience

Most travel nurses are interested in gaining experience so that they can enhance their career. Good travel nurse agencies will help a travel nurse transition from whatever level they are to where they want to go. Good travel nurse agencies should have relationships with hospitals that are willing train/teach travel nurses. These hospitals can give a travel nurse experience with working in a place that moves at a faster pace or a hospital with patients with more serious conditions.

So long as the travel nurse is willing to be flexible and to learn most hospitals are willing to accommodate. However, keep in mind we didn’t come into this world with the ability to walk and read. We had to learn how to do those things. The same goes for a travel nurse that was working in a hospital that was smaller to a bigger, faster paced one.

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Preparation for Interviews

A travel nurse agency should be able to help a travel nurse properly prepare for both phone and in person interviews. Depending on the travel nurse he or she may not have had to go through the interview process in some time. The travel nurse agency should take the travel nurse through some possible questions he or she may be asked. They should also go over some questions that the travel nurse could ask the potential employer.

Paperwork Help

One of the worst aspects of being a travel nurse is filling out all the awful paperwork. Getting a resume ready while working a ton of hours can be difficult. Good travel nurse agencies will help the travel nurse prepare all the necessary paperwork. Also, some travel nurse agencies are moving their paperwork online. It allows the travel nurse to fill everything out online.

Finding a Temporary Home

Traveling from place to place can be difficult, having to find a new place to live every time the travel nurse changes positions. A good travel nurse agency helps their travel nurses find an apartment near the hospital. And since the travel nurse will not be there very long the agency should find the travel nurse a furnished place.

Whatever Else is Needed

Travel nurses are in places they are not familiar with, working for hospitals they don’t know much about. As a result, sometimes travel nurses occasionally run into issues while at an assignment. A good travel nurse agency is going to make themselves available to help with whatever issues arise.

Keep Travel Nurse Busy

There is no reason, with the demand for travel nurses, that any travel nurse should have any downtime. Travel nurses should be able to work as much as they want. They can do that by either by continually changing assignments or extending their current assignment.

Good Travel Nurse Agency

A good travel nurse agency gets to know their travel nurses. They learn about what their travel nurses need and where they want to go. The travel nurse agencies are also aware if a travel nurse is looking to take a little break and go on vacation. Travel nurse agencies personalize whatever they can for their travel nurses, like helping them find things to do in the area of their local assignment.

Good travel nurse agencies have it all: they find out what their travel nurses are looking for, help prepare them for interview, phone and/or in person, helps them find the right type of positions to obtain the experience they are looking for. They also help their traveling nurses find living accommodations and get all the correct paperwork filled out.

If the travel nurse agency a person is currently with doesn’t offer all of the above services it is time to find a new travel nurse agency. Finding a good travel nurse agency can be easy. Talk to other travel nurses and ask them about the agencies that they had bad experiences with, so the travel nurse can avoid those agencies and ask them about agencies that they like. Using that feedback can help the travel nurse find a good travel nurse agency.



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