Networking as a Traveling Nurse


There will always be aspects of a job that you will not learn until you’re actually doing that job. For example, when you were studying to become a nurse you had to learn things like anatomy and medical procedures. You did not have to learn about networking. The purpose of networking as a traveling nurse is to gain information to help you grow as a nurse.

Networking will also help you get better nursing positions. This is an essential skill to acquire because the medical world is ever-changing. Networking as a travel nurse can be a bit more difficult. Keep reading to find out how networking as a travel nurse can be done.

Participate in Online Discussions

With all that is available online all you need to do is find a couple reputable websites and join. There are plenty of free and/or low-cost professional websites out there. Once you join, participate in online discussions to meet other professionals. Be smart when you are online and don’t share your personal information.

You can also do some research on the latest updates to best practices. There should also be tons of other helpful resources, like research that is currently going on and up-to-date information on current events.

Finally, and very importantly you can look for jobs you might be interested in and find out about companies you may want to work for. Learning about what hospitals specialize in can help you determine if that hospital could be a good fit for you, in the future.


Another great way to network is to attend events at the hospital you are currently assigned to and meet as many people as you can. Spend time with your co-workers outside of the “office”. Building relationships along your journey as a traveling nurse could pay off in a way you will never even know about. As you build positive relationships your name could get mentioned, which could ultimately open a door of opportunity.

You can also gain some “networking steam” by connecting with your recruiter. If he or she has been in the business for a while they can help direct you to the right people. He or she could also help you work on the professional profile that you would list on places like Linkedin and/or Facebook.

Be Smart

You can either build yourself up through venues like Facebook and/or Linkedin or you can destroy your career. You need to remember, at all times, that you are a professional and you need to post accordingly. Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t post pictures of your family on vacation. It just means you should not be posting pictures of you drinking an alcoholic beverage. Fair or unfair doesn’t matter here, if you represent yourself in an unprofessional way you may not be looked at as a professional. You are always networking as a traveling nurse, so post accordingly.

Know More Than They Expect

Your name will get to the right people faster if you exceed expectations at every assignment. When you walk into an assignment knowing more than they expect from you, you will impress the right people. Working hard, showing the Nurse Manager you are more than capable of completing the necessary tasks, will get you more responsibilities.

Networking as a traveling nurse takes a little more initiative because you are not established at the assignments you accept. However, staying connected to people via professional websites will go a long way. It could ultimately help you find a permanent position if that is what you want. Staying connected will help you to make the connections needed to get better traveling nurse assignments and advance your career.

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