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Chaz | January 1, 2019
I think it’s great
Brandi | November 30, 2018
Miaaa | September 30, 2018
Love yall
Jason Harris | August 17, 2018
They are having multiple choice of contracts in shifts and if you are looking to make more money then you can work for extra shifts. The pay is good and is always paid on time. The recruiters are very friendly and I would like to continue working with them.
Kara W. | March 25, 2018
I was doing EKG's in a contract and also vital checks for the soldiers before they are appointed. It was really a great experience and my job was very fulfilling. Overall, I had a great time working over there and the agency was supportive.
Nora J. | March 24, 2018
With 3D medical staffing, I am getting the chance of checking the EKG and the vital checks of the soldiers before they are deployed to the field. It was really a great experience and it is a very fulfilling job. If possible, then this should be run on regular long-term basis because it is better than to be constantly on call in search of new contracts.
Amy J. | March 12, 2018
Josh | March 16, 2018
As a traveling nurse working with 3D Medical Staffing has been quite rewarding both financially as well as for the knowledge and experience that I got while working with them. There have been no issues regarding the contracts or paychecks with them in my six months tenure. The payments are done weekly and on time. I would love to work with them again.
Golden | March 1, 2018
compliance manager has absolutely gone above and beyond to help me get all of my compliance modules and other "stuff" submitted for my 2 nd contract with 3D medical Staffing. She has made sure that this process has gone off without a hitch for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. So far I have been nothing but happy working with all of the staff at 3D medical Staffing. Thank you all for making this a really great experience!
Betty | November 22, 2017
Claudia | November 20, 2017

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