Nurse Agencies

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  • TaleMed




    TaleMed places healthcare experts on tasks they enjoy working on and places they enjoy working in. Their mission is to put gifted healthcare experts on fulfilling assignments in all 50 states. Their team consists of talented nurses that can comprehend the healthcare industry. They consistently revise old methods, openly communicate their ideas with each other,…

  • Crdentia



    Crdentia is one the quickest and biggest growing healthcare agency that focuses on hiring the excelled medical specialists. They focus on the needs of their clients by providing them with staffing and home care services.

  • Expedient Medstaff

    Expedient Medstaff


    Expedient Medstaff is an expert in staffing and crew fixes in the healthcare system. They provide care for all 50 states and provide traveling nursing jobs to anyone who needs care. Since 1997 they have been owned and managed by registered nurses and work with you to get the best nursing job possible. They aim to provide…

  • Genesis Medical Staffing

    Genesis Medical Staffing


    Genesis Medical Staffing treats people the way they want to be treated. They have 40 years of experience and knowledge in medical staffing in the healthcare industry. Their number of concern is their patients and making sure they are above everything else that they do.

  • Healthcare Starz

    Healthcare Starz


    Healthcare Starz is the leader in helping medical staff find the best jobs in the country. They have over 25 years of experience, they have to expertise to send you to where ever you want to go with the knowledge you need.

  • Host Healthcare

    Host Healthcare


    Host Healthcare works with healthcare professionals to help them reach personal goals and discover what medical career interests you.  They take these trained professionals and strategically place them in great positions across the U.S.

  • Medfirst Staffing

    Medfirst Staffing


    Medfirst Staffing is Joint Commission certified provider of nursing and other healthcare services based in South Carolina. They form strong relationships with their clients and employees work hard to understand the needs of their clients and employees. They screen their employees to hire them and provide excellent care no matter where they are.

  • Medical Contracting Services

    Medical Contracting Services


    Medical Contracting Services works tirelessly to provide the best healthcare possible. They tackle the most important health issues and provide patients and employees with excellent care.

  • Power Personnel

    Power Personnel


    Power Personnel strives to provide you with excellent health care professionals and they ensure that their patients are satisfied with the care given to them. They work on strengthening relationships with their employees and try to select the best professional for their patients' care.

  • PPR Healthcare Staffing

    PPR Healthcare Staffing


    PPR Healthcare Staffing purpose is to provide the best employments experience for their clients. They were founded in 1996 and are considered one of the best places to work by The Great Places to Work Institute.

  • Procare USA

    Procare USA


    Procare USA was established in 1990 and is a full-service medical recruitment agency. They meet the needs of healthcare facilities across the U.S.and provide higher paying jobs to medical professionals with the best benefits for them.

  • Procare One Nurses

    Procare One Nurses


    ProCare One is owned by CareerStaff Unlimited and established in 1988 and they provide quality services with great benefits. They will let  you work at your preferred location and  give hospitals the ability to hire quality nursing professionals.

  • Progressive Nursing Staffers

    Progressive Nursing Staffers


    Progressive Nursing Staffers has been around since 1987 and have provided medical services to hospitals across the U.S.  They hire knowledgeable medical professionals to provide the best patient care possible.

  • Readylink



    Readylink has over 40 years of experience offering a variety of services like short-term and long-term assignments worldwide. They provide positions in the nation's top healthcare facilities and the most advanced healthcare technology in the industry.

  • RN Temps

    RN Temps


    RN Temps provides short and long term travel assignments and permanent placement of healthcare professionals to clients across the United States. Since 1987 they've been building on a rich history of service in the healthcare field by emphasizing personalized service and customer satisfaction in all relationships with both employees and medical facilities.

  • RN Demand

    RN Demand


    Through AMN Healthcare's RN Demand® provides opportunities for travel nurses and qualified registered nurses. We team up with the nation's top travel nurse staffing agencies to offer the largest selection of travel nursing job opportunities at the nation's premier facilities and most covered destinations.

  • RTG Medical Group

    RTG Medical Group


    RTG Medical works to help get rid of the national healthcare provide storage by providing traveling medical professionals with hospitals across the U.S. They are veteran owned medical staffing company that focuses on recruiting and placing medical professionals in all 50 states. They have been in the medical industry since 2000 and their goal is to assist…

  • R Visions Medical Staffing

    R Visions Medical Staffing


    R Visions's mission is to assist the best quality health care professionals in meeting their objectives. They also provide the best customer service to the hospitals they work with. Their team's goal is to meet the needs of their clients and nurses that they serve. Their recruiters have over 20 years of experience in the travel…

  • Select Medical Connections

    Select Medical Connections


    Select Medical Connections has conversed with over 35,000 Canadian nurses since 1999, working with 25 hospitals nationwide. They want to help you build you dream traveling nursing career that you desire and they want to where you want to go geographically and professionally.

  • Spectrum Healthcare Resources

    Spectrum Healthcare Resources


    Spectrum Healthcare Resources provides quality health care, innovation in the medical industry,  fiscal responsibility, and proven result to the hospitals and clients they work with. They also provide permanent medical professionals to federal agencies to implement their health care services. They have been certified by the joint commission, and successfully bring and keeps the best healthcare professionals and…