AB Staffing Reviews

AB Staffing Reviews
AB Staffing Reviews


best in the world i love everything!
Jay Porter | July 3, 2018
I had been working with AB Staffing since 2 years but then I got a permanent position in a renowned hospital, so I quit the job. If I would ever work as a travel nurse then I would like to work with this agency.
Monique | March 25, 2018
AB Staffing provides weekly pay period which is very well received. They are having incredible recruiters who are helping and supportive in the contracts. There are numerous contracts to choose from. The staff is overcoming every challenge, which comes their way in helping us out.
Dovie A. | March 16, 2018
I have been working with AB Staffing for a year and have had a good experience with them, so far, especially with the recruiter. I had been through several negative experiences with traveling companies and so I was reluctant to work with AB Staffing too. But this company is quite honest, and upfront in providing all the details of the contracts and also helped me get the appropriate contract as per my preferences.
Suze | March 3, 2018
I had a wonderful and joyful experience with this company. The people there are very kind and were very quick to understand my needs and preferences.
Karen | November 22, 2017
We've had a few hiccups with accounting accuracy, but other than that, they are pretty good. Been with them for years, and don't intend on changing that. I have referred many other nurses to them and they all seem to like them too.
Marcus H. | August 11, 2017

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