Advance Med Reviews

Advance Med Reviews
Advance Med Reviews


I am pleased while working with this agency as a contractor but there are times when they are doing micromanagement. The management is little discouraging and showing the favoritism towards the employee. Also in case of dispute they will support the hospital and not the nurses.
Irene | March 25, 2018
I was working in Advance Med as a travel nurse. It is a growing company where you can get the opportunity for making money as it has a good payscale but it depends on the contract. But they do not provide proper training and the documentation process is also very lengthy.
Anonymous | March 24, 2018
The staffs of Advance Med are quite accommodating. They do not consider the nurses as the mere number and treat them like humans. It is a great place to work and although the pay scale is little low the payments are on time.
Debra | March 19, 2018
Very helpful in assisting me find an assignment. Pay was good and comparable for the area worked. My second recruiter was wonderful! My pay was always accurate and never had to wait. I am happy with Advance med and would consider travel with them again if the opportunity arose
Lynn Reed | December 22, 2017
Advance Med is one the most valuable Travel nursing company in the nation with amazing team members who are truly a good example of human being!
elizabeth sen | November 14, 2017

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