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If you want to get stuck with a company that provides horrible housing facilities to their travel nurses then you should work with this agency. Also there are few contract options to choose from and the recruiters are not at all supportive.
Jean J. | March 27, 2018
The management is very good. There is no favoritism, regionalism and nepotism. my representative communicated my contract very well and help me with the documentation. It is always recommended to check all terms and documentation well before accepting any contract.
Darlene | February 28, 2018
If you are looking for short-term contracts as a traveling nurse then Advantage medical staffing is the best agency to choose. Here you can make lots of contacts with other nurses and people from the medical profession that can help you get better opportunities in future. Although it is a small agency and sometimes they delay the payments but I have not had any bad experiences with them so far.
AliB | March 6, 2018

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