American Critical Care Services Reviews

American Critical Care Services Reviews
American Critical Care Services Reviews


I got opportunity to travel to different areas and hospitals in the contracts that I did with this agency. They also provide good training to the nurses before sending them on a contract. I have learnt a lot while traveling with them.
Christine I. | March 27, 2018
It is a great place to work and I will definitely recommend working as a Registered Nurse (RN) with them. They are having very good work environment and they are having a positive attitude towards their nurses.But do not expect any insurance benefits and the increase in wages.
Joyce  | March 24, 2018
ACCS is not having a good team of recruiters and management staff. They have a good choice of contracts but take a lot of commission and give very meager wages to the nurses. Also, the insurance and perks are a dream in this company.
Renee A. | January 20, 2018
Since two years I had been working with the American Critical Care Services as a traveling nurse. Initially, it was a good experience with decent contracts, timely payouts, and responsive staff. But in the last six months I have had a lot of issue with the pay rates and also they changed the OT pay rates for nurses without any prior information.
Kathleen | March 15, 2018
best recruiter any travel nurse could dream of having. She is always a phone call or text message away. She goes above and beyond to get me the contracts in locations I want and for the best rates. She has also been there for me as confidant and supported me when I had needs or issues. This is a great company to work for.
AnnTAnn | November 23, 2017

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