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Lied to by numerous supervisors. 8/14 paychecks were wrong. Still owed $600.
Lynette | March 27, 2018
I was contacted by this agency to work as a travel nurse and then they set up the online account for entire documentation. In that, I logged in and everything was properly listed that needed to be submitted. They have an organised and advanced system of working.
Delia R. | March 27, 2018
I always loved traveling with this company as I got the opportunity for traveling with other nurses. The shifts were of 12 hrs. The team was very supportive. There are also sometimes extra shifts for which you get perks and additional benefits. They are having very great insurance options.
Minnie | March 1, 2018
Since last nine months, I have been working with American mobile healthcare and I would recommend this agency to travel nurses looking for a reputed and genuine organization. I got an excellent contract in few days after I joined and the pay rates and the payments were prompt and satisfactory. Also, the team was supportive.
Amy | March 15, 2018
Jontons | January 16, 2018
An amazing company. recruiter made my transition between assignments effortless. All I had to do was show up for orientation day and everything was ready to go. Also, if I ever had a problem with anything I would notify her and normally within the hour the problem was solved.
Epifania Knight | November 23, 2017
This is my Travel Nursing agency. I have been satisfied with them. I've been with American mobile healthcae Nurses since March 2014. My recruiter is by far the best recruiter ever. I went with another agency once n came right back to American mobile healthcae. They treat me with respect and compassion and She goes above and beyond to keep me happy and to take care of all my needs and any issues I have. She has my back at all times! I will stay with them til I retire in ten yrs.
brenna4799 | November 22, 2017
AMN has exclusive contracts which drives nurses to their ranks, but lack the honesty adaptability and intergity to make it a great company to work for. You are a number, 40 percent of a bill rate and it shows. Onboarding is not hard and it is good that your information is easily interchanged between the sister companies. The do have a great website to obtain CEU and you can use that to track your licenses and needed CE credits. Housing is not personalized you seem to stay where they tell you too, but they do offer a nice package for furniture. All in all a good starter company for a newbie traveler.
Anonymous | June 29, 2016

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