American Traveler Reviews

American Traveler Reviews
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American Traveler Reviews


This is a very good agency — the best!
Angle M.reveir | July 18, 2018
I was working with American Travelers and I did not like my job a bit. The contracts were not chosen for me and I had no choice or say in anything. I will recommend this job only to the people who are just looking for money and ready to do any sort of work for that.
Bonnie W. | March 27, 2018
Working with American traveler was not a good experience overall. I have worked with other better agencies in my entire career. I worked with them for 1 contract and had to follow up for payments several times. Contract options are decent.
Joan J. | March 2, 2018
Working with American Traveler for the last six months has given me a lot of experience as a traveling nurse. Initially, there was a lot of paperwork to be done to get hired by the agency and that process was really tiring. But after that, the work and contracts went pretty smooth. There were minor delays in the payment but that was bearable.
Connie | March 15, 2018
I had a wonderful and joyful experience with this company. The people there are very kind and were very quick to understand my needs and preferences.
smeeta | January 11, 2018
Everyone at american travelers was courteous and professional. Great experience for this seasoned nurse who had never done travel nursing before.
reena | January 6, 2018
my recuruiter is an awesome recruiter that knows her job well and if she doesn't know the answer, she'll find it! She does her best to satisfy the customer as well
TheTravelDenisey | November 23, 2017
Excellent experience!! I've had 2 contracts with this company. I was offered reimbursement on travel and medical without even asking for it. I did not have to work for my money. I felt there was honesty and communication from day 1. Will definitely be working with this company again!!
Tamara Goings | November 22, 2017
Outstanding nurse staffing registry and travel nursing company! Nice, professional and knowledgeable staff who'll make sure you get the the job you want when you need it and where you need it. Life is secured at Secure!
Dorothy Bethel | November 14, 2017
Staci Culligan is outstanding!
Anonymous | August 6, 2016

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