ATC Travelers Reviews

ATC Travelers Reviews
ATC Travelers Reviews


Wonderful place!
Debbie Flores | September 2, 2018
Am esto es bueno
Fanny Jaz | August 18, 2018
I was working in ATC for more than one year and there was not a single day when management got involved in issues related to contract. They should take care about what is exactly going on with the staff. Also payment is delayed a lot and housing facilities are below average.
Sharon J. Downes | March 27, 2018
Their whole culture was a little strange. The hardest part is that every 3 months the nurses are required to change contract and shift to the new place and then have to start working in the new environment. Weird. Nice people though.
Anonymous | March 4, 2018
In my career of seven years as a traveling nurse, I have worked with several agencies and staffing companies. But I must say that my experience with ATC Travelers was a complete disaster. In a contract, I was traveling to Thailand and due to some reasons, the contract did not work out. The team of ATC Travelers did not take up any responsibility for my stay and I was left at my own expenses in a completely new city. There are a lot of payment issues too with this agency.
Jessica | March 15, 2018
I have worked with ATC Travelers now for 3 years. My recruiter and the entire staff are fantastic and always look for the best assignments to fit my needs. They have been not only supportive professionally but personally as well! I have and will continue to recommend ATC Travelers highly!
thisisfun | November 23, 2017
ATC Travelers is my travel agency. I am not new to travel nursing but I was so amazed when Touch in my recruiter. She is so educated about this area of nursing and always has my best interest at heart. She is why I made ATC Travelers my agency for the remainder of my travel career (many years of great peace of mind for me). She has always got me the best contracts and I don't have to remind her what I want out of each new travel experience. I will never leave ATC Travelers Nurses!
Mary Solomon | November 22, 2017
Excellent agency. professional, helpful, funny and caring. Would recommend him and Nightingale to anyone looking to travel!
Amie Anderson | November 14, 2017

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