Berean Healthcare Staffing Reviews

Berean Healthcare Staffing Reviews
Berean Healthcare Staffing Reviews


I was working with this company as a travel nurse. This agency has numerous contracts to choose from and always kept me engaged and motivated. I absolutely loved the people with whom I was working. The recruiters are always there to help about any issues in contracts and they gave us the freedom to work on our own.
Edna | March 27, 2018
I was working at Berean Healthcare Staffing as a travel nurse for 6 months. They have a very high integrity and have very generous compensation packages. They are also family oriented and try to keep the work-life balance in every way possible. Their housing assistance is also very good and it is really a great company to work for.
Brenda R. | February 28, 2018
I had worked with Berean Healthcare Staffing and the recruiters are quite polite and helpful, especially Mike. I had a decent experience with them, good pay and on time payment and even insurance benefits. However, they have limited contract options and they should work to improve their tie-ups with other hospitals too.
Susan J. | March 3, 2018
I have never felt "alone" on an assignment, from my recruiter, to the payroll department, to the credentials department, my emails and questions are answered quickly & efficiently.
Dora | December 23, 2017

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