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Bestaff Arcadia has been an industry leader in medical staffing services since 1978. We understand your need to maintain your standards of quality and customer service when utilizing an agency to provide your short and long term staffing requirements. Our travel nursing division adheres to stringent screening and hiring practices to provide the most qualified traveling nurses and allied health professionals to your facility.


As a travel nurse at Bestaff Arcadia I got the opportunity to work in various cities and got well paid for it. I was working with some wonderful co-workers and excellent management. The top-notch staff handled my concerns effectively and recruiters are very much helpful.
Lori | March 27, 2018
I am working as a travel nurse with the Bestaff Arcadia for 3 years. They are the best agency I have worked with in my career. My recruiter, Mary is great and she always found assignments which met my personal needs and requirements. Even my payroll issues are also handled very well.
Elizabeth F. | March 24, 2018
Getting through the documentation process of this agency is tough. You would be able to work in a variety of hospital settings. In addition, I get the opportunities of experiencing the new cities while being paid for it. The "agents" here are very wonderful and the management is excellent.
Mildred T. | March 13, 2018
I am currently working with Bestaff Arcadia and would love to continue with them. They are super supportive and helpful and treat their nurses with great care. The best part about them, which I have not found in other agencies is that they sponsor a nurse for medical mission trip once in a year. Highly recommended.
Nichole | March 12, 2018
I have traveled with Bestaff Arcadia for 3 years and they are the best travel company out there. My recruiter has been great she was always able to find me the assignments that met my personal needs and she was 100% successful. They have always handle my payroll issues well. I wouldn't travel with any other company.
SummerJ | November 29, 2017

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