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Cirrus Medical Staffing is an award-winning medical staffing agency determined to hire and place medical professionals. Their team consists of knowledgeable and caring specialists that provide full-service care to their patients.


I was getting several options for travel assignments from Cirrus, which properly fit my work background and experience too. There are various opportunities, which are available and pay rates are competitive. My recruiter is working diligently and ensuring me that my contracts are managed satisfactorily.
Linda W. | March 27, 2018
Cirrus Medical Staffing is a relatively new agency and they do not have many contract options with them. Also, they take a huge sum from the contract amount as commission and give less to the nurses. But overall an average agency.
Mary C. | March 22, 2018
My experience with the Cirrus medical staffing has been supportive and co-operative since last five assignments with them. They helped me in every aspect of the licensing and paperwork of the contracts. The insurance that they provide is amazing and encouraging. I am not looking for another job apart from Cirrus just because of my recruiter Jennifer.
Betty | November 30, 2017

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