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Crdentia is one the quickest and biggest growing healthcare agency that focuses on hiring the excelled medical specialists. They focus on the needs of their clients by providing them with staffing and home care services.


I have worked for Crdentia for the last three years. Firstly, I have always been paid on time. Yay! Secondly, my contracts have always been dealt with exactly as they are set out. Amazing, right?! As an agency nurse the contracts are always tough. The hospitals will only employ Agency if they are desperate. So the workload is far heavier than a normal job. They have always been supportive and very helpful. I think that as an travel nurse, you work for the agency, not the hospital, therefore, it is the agency nurses responsibility to give the hospital a good impression of the nurses. It's a two way street and I appreciate their efforts!
Frances Davis | December 6, 2017

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