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Fastaff Nursing Agency: Rapid Response Equals Bigger Bucks

If you’re looking for a travel nursing job you can jump right into with both feet, if you’re looking for an assignment that is shorter than the minimum 13 weeks typically required of the traveling nurse, or if you’re looking to earn premium pay with guaranteed hours, Fastaff may be the nursing agency for you.

Rapid Response for Urgent Situations

Fastaff provides rapid-response nurse staffing, which means you’ll need to be ready to pick up and go, as the facility will often need you to begin working within two weeks. This is a fast turnaround, as typically it can take anywhere from one to five weeks or longer to start working at a new travel nursing assignment. While these assignments are sometimes referred to as “crisis” assignments, the hospital or facility usually is not facing a catastrophic situation such as a natural disaster, although this may sometimes be the case. The following are situations in which a facility may require rapid response solutions:

  • Short-term staff shortages
  • Unexpected census spikes
  • EMR upgrades
  • Unit openings
  • Emergency responses

Support for Licensing

Rapid response means that you need to have all your paperwork in order before you can begin your assignment. It probably goes without saying that the most important piece of paperwork you need as a traveling nurse is your license; no license, no work. It is to your advantage to maintain licenses in multiple states, and Fastaff is prepared to help you by offering licensing programs to help you obtain new licenses in the states where you are interested in working. Fastaff will also reimburse your licensing fees if you accept a Fastaff assignment in a state where you’ve applied for a new or renewed license.

Wouldn’t it be easier if you had one license that allowed you to work in more than one state? That’s exactly what you can do with the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC). One license will allow you to work in any one of 27 participating states, provided that you reside in one of them. Fastaff offers positions with premier facilities across eNLC states.

Shorter Terms, Greater Pay

Because of the urgent requirements of rapid response assignments, they typically offer a higher hourly pay rate than other travel nurse positions, and Fastaff prides itself on providing premium pay rates of up to $75 per hour base pay. Assignments can be as short as four weeks, which is great if you want to earn extra money without spending a great deal of time away from home.

Is There a Trade-Off?

Typically, rapid response nursing agencies have limited location options, and Fastaff Nursing Agency reviews seem to bear that out. Still, recruiters are willing to work with you to find an assignment that suits your needs.


I have taken several assignments with Fastaff over the past 5 years. Leanne has been my recruiter the entire time. She is knowledgeable, professional, courteous, and attentive. I appreciate her hard work. She has made each one of my assignments extremely pleasant. Thank you Fastaff!!
Deborah W. Dennis | December 1, 2017
Good agency. But limited on locality. Would be better if they had more options for assignments. I feel they have worked well with me. Pay is decent.
Deborah Yaegle | March 2, 2017

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