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FlexCare Medial Staffing was created to fill a glaring void in the Travel Nurse industry – a company that nurses and hospitals could depend on receiving honest and sincere communication from. Our mission is to ensure our “transparency of service” is available to nurses and hospitals in every part of the country. No matter where you are, you should have the choice of being treated with same level of care you provide your patients. We immerse ourselves in our work every day because we love what we do and we value the people we work with. Travel Nurses who continue to book new assignments with FlexCare are more than 94% of our workforce, and 86% of our new professionals come to us through referrals.

We also offer our unique ExpressCare service, which features a nationwide network of Registered Nurses who are ready to travel at a moment’s notice. ExpressCare let’s healthcare facilities fill critical or highly specialized positions within 72 hours, whether they were created by a natural disaster, key technology implementation, or other unique event.

FlexCare is a Joint Commission-certified provider of travel nursing and permanent placement positions across the United States. Whether you’re a Registered Nurse looking to broaden your career horizons or a hospital administrator seeking to fill vital positions, our team is ready to assist you with your needs.


I was on assignment when I saw a TB patient out of their reverse Isolation room. I informed both primary and charge and they said, "Oh she came back from CT, She should have had a mask"… I informed my agency, they told me the hospital denied it happened and to go back to work. So I told them to **** off, I won't work for a facility that hides a possible TB outbreak/an agency that doesn't back their nurses. My recruiter said I was, "being too idealistic" about the situation. 0/5 stars So never work for flexcare.
Ralph Farley | August 27, 2019
One of the best travel assignments ever! Everyone is friendly and helpful. It was the smallest hospital I've ever worked in….truly like a family. BUT they are also very progressive for their size. I can't wait for more assignemtns!
Marina Prewitt | October 13, 2017
I have worked with flexcare before. They normally offer huge selection positions especially on the west coast but they offer all over. The catch with flexcare is they are a huge agency they approaches things like carpet bombing. It's a huge numbers game with them and they really don't anything about the hospitals they will send you to much less care. They want you to shut up, work irregardless and take the money. That being said they offer higher pay than some but support is not that good and sometime you have haggle with to get your pay. They basically take any and every position they get and try o fill it. They don't care but in return they offer you more money. You basically get your own insurance or take their partially subsided one which is not that great. Always find your own housing you. They don't the areas. This is true with any company though. Everything funnels through your recruiter here so make sure it's a good one. On my assignment I had to resend the paperwork multiple times which as unprofessional. They also initially tried to send me to a LTAC…they didn't know or didn't care what the difference was which is sad. The positive is that they have wide variety of assignments but again they take any posting available which maybe at hospitals with habits of canceling traveler in middle of the contract due to census drops. If that happens flexcare doesn't really have your back nor do they guarantee pay (36 hrs a week). They are not the best or worst but buyer beware.
Anonymous | June 25, 2016

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