Foundation Medical Staffing

Foundation Medical Staffing
Foundation Medical Staffing


Foundation was an ok company to work with for my first travel assignment. The process can be kinda of overwhelming with all the housing, job assignment, and logistics of setting up your first assignment. I didn't like having to work with a few people to get all the details to a point that I was actually on the plane on on to my assignment. In the future, I may try and find a company that has one point of contact to handle all my needs. The interview process and the background check, I get…but why make a person talk with three different people to handle logistics of getting in the new job. Weird.
Frank T. | March 11, 2018
My recruiter has been the best. He's walked me through the entire travel process. He is always available, and he has spent countless hours landing me a contract! Proud to be apart of Advanced!
Matilda Barber | November 2, 2017

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