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Avoid Nurse Burnout When Working as a Travel Nurse

Kronos Incorporated released findings from a survey of 257 nurses that identified 93 percent of RNs as satisfied with their career choice. However, 98 percent of nurses admit that their work is physically and mentally demanding. Nurses drive home from work drowsy and worry about making a mistake due to tiredness. One-quarter of the nurses surveyed admitted that they called in sick to work to get some rest.

Nurse burnout is an epidemic. In the Kronos survey, 41 percent of nurses have considered leaving their hospital because of burnout. However, going to another hospital isn’t always the answer. Travel nurses face burnout in the workplace, too.

Self-Care Strategies

Nurses are prone to burnout just by the nature of their job. Patients and families can be emotionally demanding. Shift work can make sleep difficult. Nurses have constant demands from administration that conflict what patients want. The basic stressors of any job are compounded because of the high stakes involved.   

Nurses need to incorporate self-care practices into their daily routine to combat fatigue and burnout. It’s not usually as simple as a day at the spa; this is about getting enough sleep, eating healthy and getting enough exercise. Self-care is what each person does to promote health and well-being. The American Holistic Nurses Association believes that self-care programs may help sustain the nursing program.

Here are some basic recommendations for self-care:

  • Have stress reducing strategies, such as meditation or aromatherapy.
  • Take breaks when you get time.
  • Know your stress limits and recognize when you’re crossing the line.
  • Recognize your limitations as a nurse; understand that you can’t please everybody.
  • Talk to your support system to alleviate stress.

Challenges Faced by Travel Nurses

Travel nurses have unique challenges to self-care. You may not have a good support system where you live because you’re always on the move. Relationships are a key element in self-care, so make sure to connect with your family and close friends on a weekly basis. Don’t just follow them on social media but call or video-chat to catch up. Create connections with other nurses.

Changing technologies and systems every two to three months can be challenging. You may second-guess yourself or find that you have to defend your decisions to people who don’t know you. This can wear away at your self-esteem and lead to burnout. Choose assignments at hospitals that have systems in place to support travel nurses. Medical Staffing Options works with many California hospitals to place travel nurses quickly and appropriately.

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This is my first travel assignment and recruiter has been wonderful. He has been kind and courteous with all my questions and concerns I'm glad that he is my recruiter and will continue to use him as my recruiter! thx so much!
WillieWorks | October 12, 2017

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