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Medpro Staffing is one of the nation’s leading healthcare providing agencies. They care about the people who work for them and they are operated by nurses and hire any medical professional in the healthcare industry.  They’ve have placed health care professionals in someone the top hospitals in the U.S and they are joint commissioner certified.


I have really enjoyed working for MedPro, and I'm not sure what all the bad reviews are about. I wouldn't with an other agency! I get great insurance benefits and have gotten great assignments every time. The pay is fair as well. They even have their own app!
ICUPam | July 31, 2019
If you are thinking about immigrating to the United States stay away from this company. They will ruin your life. 1. You are bonded by years and not hours worked. 2. When you arrive you are required to share apartment with up to 8 people. 2. They will deploy you to significantly rural areas with very little social and financial support. 3. Look out for tricky contract modifications. 4. The team pretend to care but they only see you as another dollar figure. Do your research you will find evidence of law suits and how they try to intimidate nurses.
Nurse | July 25, 2019
I worked one assignment with Medpro finding a 2nd assignment was hard for them. They claimed they found me an assignment and I was going to have an interview and no one called me to interview when I called Medpro they said they will call me back and never did abd never returned any of my calls
Michelle Excellent | August 13, 2018
I have worked with Medpro Staffing, Medpro Staffing has been great, always available and they provide absolute support.
[email protected] | December 1, 2017
My initial recruiter had no idea what she was doing and I had to request someone more knowledgeable. They have contracts with very few hospitals which really limits you. They promised me some sort of compensation for the issues and driving around I had to do for the assignment, however I never received anything. I had to drive to gne facility several times for drug test, TB test and scheduling. Very poor communication.
Anonymous | July 26, 2016

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