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Meridian Medical Staffing: Accountable and Transparent

When you work with a travel nursing agency, are you a partner in the process? Are you given all the available information in regard to the compensation and benefits you will receive in order to make an informed decision? Or are you expected to take the financial side of the job on faith and swallow what the agency feeds you without question?

Meridian Medical Staffing prides itself on a totally transparent process. Unlike most travel nurse agencies, Meridian is upfront with you from the very beginning regarding how the bill rate it receives from the hospitals it staffs is broken down, and the margin it receives versus your total compensation.

The Breakdown of the Bill Rate

When a travel nurse agency contracts with a hospital to provide temporary staffing, it negotiates an hourly bill rate that the hospital will pay to the agency. A portion of the bill rate goes to you, the nurse, as your hourly wages. Another portion goes to satisfy insurance and tax obligations, such as malpractice insurance, workers compensation, and Social Security tax, and the rest goes to the agency. Some of the agency’s share goes towards administrative costs, while the rest is profit. The gross profit margin (GPM) of most agencies can range from 15 to 25 percent, although 20 to 22 percent is considered standard.

Here’s the catch: most agencies never tell you what the bill rate is. They only tell you about your portion of it. So how do you know that you’re getting your fair share?

You don’t.

What sets Meridian apart is that it is upfront and transparent about the bill rate it receives from the hospital and how it breaks down into its profit margin and your compensation. You won’t need to take it on faith that you’re getting what you deserve from Meridian; you’ll know for sure.

Building an Honest Relationship

Of course, money is important when choosing a travel nurse agency to work with, but it is not the only factor to consider. Another important factor is the relationship between you and your recruiter. The recruiter is your point of contact with the company, and it is important to foster a relationship with him or her based on trust. Meridian Medical Staffing reviews attest to the support that travel nurses have received from their recruiters, describing them as caring yet professional. It is also important to note that, unlike at other travel nursing agencies, the recruiters at Meridian do not work on commission. Therefore, the focus will be on you and your wishes; you’ll be treated as a human being rather than a number.

One More Thing To Be Aware Of

Meridian offers travel nurse assignments throughout the United States, but international assignments are not available.


I was recruited by another company, but was very unsettled. I knew Meridian Medical Staffing was the company to do business with. Professional, caring, and hard working, this group staying on top of things and makes you feel really supported in EVERY way.
KBB | October 5, 2017
Best travel company i have worked with. My recruiter Connor is amazing as well
Melissa Benson | April 3, 2017

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