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  • TaleMed




    TaleMed places healthcare experts on tasks they enjoy working on and places they enjoy working in. Their mission is to put gifted healthcare experts on fulfilling assignments in all 50 states. Their team consists of talented nurses that can comprehend the healthcare industry. They consistently revise old methods, openly communicate their ideas with each other,…

  • Fortus Group

    Fortus Group

    The Fortus Group began in 1993 as the first specialty firm recruiting nephrology professionals for dialysis centers. The travel nursing division was launched in 2006 and soon overtook our competitors by attracting talented nurses with our flexible benefit packages, competitive salaries, and focus on personal attention. In 2008, Fortus added an International Division based in…

  • Health One Staffing

    Health One Staffing

    Health One Staffing lets you work where you want with the payment you deserve. They have tasks for traveling and local nurses and permanent nursing positions across the U.S.

  • NurseFinders


    Nurse Finders has provided their services to hospitals for 40 years and has placed qualified professionals in rewarding medical jobs across the U.S. They work with a number of hospitals and have a wide selection of medical positions to choose from.  They also offer exceptional customer services and assistance to medical recruits and recruiters across the U.S. Nurse…

  • Strategic Healthcare Staffing

    Strategic Healthcare Staffing


    Strategic Healthcare Staffing is a countrywide, full service, healthcare corporation that has 1,600 clients they can reach out to give their nurses a job opportunity across all 50 states. They recruit for permanent or temporary nurses for the needs of their hospital clients. Their objective is to create opportunities for the nurses that work for them.

  • TotalMed Staffing

    TotalMed Staffing


    TotalMed Staffing has received many awards for its medical staffing agency. They deliver flexible healthcare staffing answers no matter how difficult your needs are. They are a group of medical professionals who care about achieving quality patient care and providing you with a great work experience.

  • Medpro Staffing

    Medpro Staffing


    Medpro Staffing is one of the nation’s leading healthcare providing agencies. They care about the people who work for them and they are operated by nurses and hire any medical professional in the healthcare industry.  They’ve have placed health care professionals in someone the top hospitals in the U.S and they are joint commissioner certified.

  • FlexCare Medical Staffing

    FlexCare Medical Staffing


    FlexCare Medial Staffing was created to fill a glaring void in the Travel Nurse industry – a company that nurses and hospitals could depend on receiving honest and sincere communication from. Our mission is to ensure our “transparency of service” is available to nurses and hospitals in every part of the country. No matter where…

  • NurseChoice



    Nurse Choice has been around since 2005 and has been a leader in the healthcare industry. Their goal is to provide nurses to the areas that need them on 4-13 week assignments.

  • OneStaff Medical

    OneStaff Medical


    OneStaff Medical takes care of you while you’re off on an assignment and they take pride in building relationships with their employees.  They have decades of experience in the healthcare industry and want to help you in every way possible.

  • Nurse First Travel Agency

    Nurse First Travel Agency


    Nurse First Travel Agency is one of the fastest growing travel nurse and medical professional staffing agencies in Ohio. We specialize in placing medical professionals in open positions at hospitals around the country and helping employers fulfill their open job vacancies. Our staffing solutions are available to every job seeker and healthcare provider/organization in the…

  • Rapid Temps

    Rapid Temps


    Rapid Temps has been providing staffing opportunities across the U.S for over 20 years. They can help you with a medical personnel for the assignment you’re on whether it is short or permanent and have had 1500 happy clients.

  • Career Staff Unlimited

    Career Staff Unlimited


    Career Staff Unlimited takes an individual approach to your medical needs. With Genisis HealthCare network supporting them, they have a huge job placement system and have a wide range of medical staff such as physicians, nurses, therapists, and pharmacists to assist in your care.

  • Foundation Medical Staffing

    Foundation Medical Staffing


    Foundation Medical Staffing was founded in 1999 and joined CHG Healthcare Services in 2002, who provides complete medical staffing to every state in the U.S.  They were put on FORTUNE magazine’s list of the 100 best companies to work for.

  • Nurses Rx

    Nurses Rx


    Nurses Rx was founded in 1990 and is a leading name across all 50 states in the U.S. They offer a number of job opportunities everywhere in the U.S and helps you along every step of your journey. They also have one of the most supportive and easy to reach recruitment team   and they believe…

  • Core Medical Group

    Core Medical Group


    Core Medical Group is a leader in the healthcare industry and has expertise in the employment of traveling medical professionals. They have over 25 years of experience providing services for all your health care needs and supplying all 50 states with medical professionals.

  • Medical Solutions

    Medical Solutions


    Medical Solutions’ interest is to keep you happy and help you get the traveling nurse position you desire.  Their mission is to provide service that inspires and it has been since 2001. Their mission statement makes them one of the leading medical providers in the industry. They also want to understand your goals so they can…