Nurse Agencies

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  • Gifted Healthcare

    Gifted Healthcare


    Gifted Healthcare carefully chooses their nurses who can provide an excellent experience for the patient and nurse. They have operated since 2006 and have provided services for states across the U.S.

  • Global Personnel Services

    Global Personnel Services


    Global Personnel Services does whatever it takes to make sure that their nurses and clients are able to get the personal and professional goals they desire. They expect their nurse to provide intensity and care that patients deserve.

  • Health Providers Choice

    Health Providers Choice


    Health Providers Choice was founded in 2003 and are a leader in the traveling nurse industry. They provide jobs to anyone in the healthcare industry and are joint commissioned certified. They take their guiding principles to heart when providing care to patients and hiring new professionals.

  • Health Source Group

    Health Source Group


    Health Source Group provides personalized care to employees and patients. They pride themselves on making lasting placements in the healthcare industry and providing services in a quick and productive fashion.

  • Healthcare Pros

    Healthcare Pros


    Healthcare Pros has a number of facilities for employees to work at. They have over 25 years of experience in health knowledge, experience, and care.

  • Healthcare Seeker

    Healthcare Seeker


    Healthcare seeker's mission is to be the best agency in the US at  rewarding travel experiences. They believe that through traveling a medical professional can grow as a person and as a professional.  They also believe that hospitals can benefit from traveling professionals because of their growing knowledge. They spend time training their medical staff and fitting…

  • Independent Healthcare Staffing

    Independent Healthcare Staffing


    Independent healthcare staffing has regular and traveling staff in many hospitals. They use their knowledge and expertise in the healthcare industry to provide you with the assignment that fits you the best and pays you fairly for the job you just did.

  • IPI Travel

    IPI Travel


    IPI travel has been operating since 1999 and has been a leader in supplying hospitals across the country with traveling professionals. They have worked to build long lasting relationships with clinics around the U.S  and have received the Joint Commissioner's  Certification in 2006.

  • Liquid Agents Healthcare

    Liquid Agents Healthcare


    Liquid Agents Healthcare has been operating since 2003 and has placed trained healthcare professionals into the best jobs available to them.

  • MAS Medical Staffing

    MAS Medical Staffing


    Mas Medical Staffing is your number one stop for new opportunities in the healthcare industry. They can generate a list of opportunities for you based on your specialities and skill levels. They keep track and help you reach your goals and make sure you get the job you desire.

  • Medical Staffing Options

    Medical Staffing Options


    Avoid Nurse Burnout When Working as a Travel Nurse Kronos Incorporated released findings from a survey of 257 nurses that identified 93 percent of RNs as satisfied with their career choice. However, 98 percent of nurses admit that their work is physically and mentally demanding. Nurses drive home from work drowsy and worry about making…

  • Medical Staffing Solutions, Inc.

    Medical Staffing Solutions, Inc.


    Medical Staffing Solutions is often classified as one of  the best-traveling nurse agencies in the country. They are joint commissioner certified and they offer  a number of services traveling nurses or any other medical professional. They also choose to work with only a selected few healthcare facilities around the country and they want to make…

  • Medical Staffing Solutions, LLC

    Medical Staffing Solutions, LLC


    Medical Staffing Solutions was started in 2001 and is nurse owned and operated. They excel at hiring and placing healthcare professionals in all different positions around the country. They also will help you with the tedious stuff for your assignment so you can focus on taking care of your patients.

  • Medsource Travelers

    Medsource Travelers


    MedSource Travelers has highly trained professionals and they are one of the top healthcare facilities in the nation. They listen to your needs and answer any questions you may have. They exceed expectations and provide personal service and excellent performance.

  • Medstaff Healthcare Solutions

    Medstaff Healthcare Solutions


    Medstaff Healthcare Solutions allows you to travel the world and earn exceptional pay while having the ability to choose when you want to work. They have served the nation for 27 years and have provided jobs to traveling nurses who the freedom and flexibility of a quality job. They also have connections with thousands of healthcare…

  • Maxim Healthcare Services

    Maxim Healthcare Services


    Maxim Healthcare Services has over 25 years of experience they are committed to helping their patients with excellent care. They are also determined to help their staff with their careers by letting them work in a number of environments. They provide great customer service which makes them a knowledgeable  healthcare provider across the U.S.

  • MCR – Managed Care Resources

    MCR – Managed Care Resources


    Managed Care Resources was founded in 1987 and operated by knowledgeable healthcare experts who provide quality services in an ethical manner.  They only take the top 20% healthcare professionals who are in the top of their field. They are committed to excellence  and they hire people both traditionally and technologically but they uphold personal contact above…

  • Medcall Northwest

    Medcall Northwest


    At Medcall Northwest the healthcare professionals and patients they serve are their priority. They were established in 1999 and they deliver medical specialty staffing services. They have a history of excellence and have hired many medical professionals from the Northwestern half of the U.S. and they develop a relationship with their employees and clients.

  • Medical Connections

    Medical Connections


    Medical Connections finds you the best places to work in health care, tailored to your specific needs. We offer 21 guaranteed benefits in working with us, which gives us the opportunity to choose from some of the best benefits in the industry, including $2,000 vacation bonus for every 4th assignment.

  • Medical Staffing Partners

    Medical Staffing Partners


    Medical Staffing Partners is a Minnesota-based traveling nurse firm that provides nationwide placement services for medical professionals in the healthcare industry.