Per Diem Staffing Systems, Inc. Reviews

Per Diem Staffing Systems, Inc. Reviews
Per Diem Staffing Systems, Inc. Reviews

Agostini Nurse Staffing  (Now Per Diem Staffing Systems, Inc.)
Phone: 1-800-823-0570

Agostini Healthcare Staffing was founded in 1986 in the San Francisco Bay Area by Linda Agostini, RN, BSN, MA. Linda had been a Director of Nursing and a Nurse Educator for over 15 years. As a Director of Nursing, she was exposed to agencies that provided mediocre service and inexperienced nurses to her hospitals. She chose to open her own registry to solve this problem.

Agostini’s Home Health Division was Joint Commission accredited in 1996. Unified was awarded Joint Commission certification for healthcare staffing services in 2006, 2008, 2010, and 2012.

In 2014 Agostini Healthcare Staffing joined forces with Per Diem Staffing Systems, Inc. to form Unified Healthcare Staffing. Per Diem Staffing Systems, Inc. has a long legacy of providing clinical staff to hospitals throughout California. Its’ roots within the Allied Health Community, particularly Respiratory Therapy, extend to the late 1960’s. Per Diem Staffing Systems, Inc. was the first California based staffing company to receive certification from the Joint Commission, achieving that status in 2005. For most of the last three decades, Per Diem has been the leading supplier of Respiratory Therapy professionals in Northern California.

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My recruiter has been amazing. She answers all questions and always responds in a timely fashion. I hope that my experience with Per Diem Staffing Systems continues to be as great!
Ermay | January 20, 2018
I would recommend this experience for all nurses! The staff at Per Diem Staffing Systems, Inc were extremely helpful, warm & friendly, supportive in every way and always there for questions!
iceburg | January 20, 2018

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