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Premier Healthcare Professionals: Professional Guidance With a Personal Touch

With the nationwide nursing shortage, qualified RNs are in high demand everywhere, which means that you needn’t confine yourself to one long-term position at a specific facility. Travel nurses have the opportunity to take short-term assignments in all areas of the country or even see the world, which makes travel nursing ideal for those with an adventurous spirit.

Travel nurses also have the opportunity to make good money while indulging their wanderlust. Depending on a number of different factors, including the location(s) you choose to work, your yearly income as a travel nurse could be anywhere from $46,390 to $85,320 or more.

For more than 25 years, Premier Healthcare Professionals has been placing nurses across all 50 states and around the world. It has adapted its business based on feedback from healthcare professionals about what exactly they are looking for in travel assignments and can assist you in your new assignment in ways that you might not expect.

Help Getting Started and Other Benefits

While an experienced travel nurse can also reap the benefits, Premier Healthcare Professionals reviews indicate that it is a particularly good agency for those just starting out as a travel nurse.

  • Licensing: For every state you want to work in, you must acquire a license for that state before you even start looking for work. If you are not licensed in a particular state, many hospitals will reject your personal profile without even looking at it. Not only will PHP reimburse you for your licensing fees up to $100, it will also help guide you through each state’s licensing process.
  • Housing: You needn’t seek out your own housing when traveling with PHP. The agency provides you with luxurious housing, already completely furnished so that you are able to travel light. PHP pays $75 per month toward your utilities and helps to organize the utility set-up. Housing coordinators will work to accommodate you even if you are traveling with family and/or pets.
  • Insurance: While the idea of travel nursing may be appealing, you may also have legitimate concerns about maintaining a financial safety net for you and your family. PHP offers many insurance options, including professional liability, major medical, and worker’s compensation.
  • Extra Money: If you maintain a permanent address more than 50 miles from your temporary assignment, you may qualify for a meals and incidentals plan to maximize your take-home pay.

Flexible Scheduling

PHP has assignments of varying lengths available with its client base of thousands of hospitals across all 50 states. Whether you wish for an assignment of only 13 weeks or want to work as long as a year. PHP can accommodate you. For more information, read the Premier Healthcare Professionals reviews provided.


Really love my recruiter – this is my first assignment and I did not have any problems as a new traveler
BeccaNurseypoo | October 20, 2017
You can travel to new places, gaining new skills and experiences, expanding your references, making new friends and expanding your "network". Agency is just ok.
[email protected] | December 30, 2017

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