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Surgical Staff was established in 1979 and is a staffing agency that has up to date skills in the health care industry by providing medical professionals with a wide variety assignments. They also provide cost-effective answers to professionals and assistance for your staffing needs.


After working with other companies, I have been with Surgical Staff for over 3 years and I will only use them. They are an honest, up front, no games company who has been there with me through the thick and thin, even when I was sick and had to miss work; or when I had a contract end before it was supposed to. I was never on my own. Just a truly awesome company to work for.
ilurvenursing | January 27, 2018
My recruiter is amazing and always gives me great pay packages right out the gate. She has even bought my floor pizza on my first night on the floor at a few assignments. I can text her at any time and she will respond. It's a very nice feeling to know you are in good hands.
fullheart4nursing | January 13, 2018

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