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Tailored Healthcare Staffing
Tailored Healthcare Staffing

Tailored Healthcare Staffing
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Tailored Healthcare Staffing’s mission is to get paid for the amount of work you do, enjoy the job you’re at, and embrace the company you’re with. They take their mission to heart by treating nurses and clients with the admiration they deserve. With this company, you get to work in a variety of hospitals around the country and enjoy a number of great benefits.


Pretty good so far. Recruiter keeps in touch. A little tough to have my back when they have to go through a 2nd party but have tried. Payroll has been spot on.
Lynette | March 27, 2018
Good company to travel with as a Tailored Healthcare Staffing. I've worked with Tailored Healthcare Staffing for about 2 years now. I switched over to them after a poor experience with a recruiter at a different agency. They offer great benefits, pay and my recruiter is great. I've also spoken to others in the office when he is out and they are nice as helpful as well.
beltednurse | January 25, 2018
Good company. Have the traveler's best interest at heart & will go over & above in whatever circumstances. This review is based on my experience with him & compliance department. Good luck fellow travelers.
morenursemoretravel | January 19, 2018

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