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Travel Nurse Across America has a group of most experienced healthcare professionals in the industry that make sure you are having stress free experience every time. They work in an honest environment and post new job opportunities on their website every day. They are constantly looking to hire new nurses and when hired they make sure you get the payment you deserve. They have won many awards for their services and want to make sure all of your questions are answered before you get started.


I have traveled this time for 6 years and with 3 different companies. I have been very pleased with TNAA. My recruiter is always available to me. My paycheck is accurate every time I have never had to call to make it right. I love to housing options they provide. One of the reasons I switched companies was for the low census guarantee. Over all it is my favorite company to work with.
Fara Wash | June 9, 2018
Well I been with TNAA for 4 assignments now. I have been with other agencies. I am always shopping for better but I have come back to TNAA. Your agency and their quality are important but your recruiter is just as important. They can make or break an assignment for you. Most are just looking for numbers. Fill as many positions as possible. I loathe a lot of recruiters for their used car lot tactics but TNAA has constantly served me well. They are not always highest paying but they are normally close or competitive plus offer dental and insurance. But the main reason I stay with is that they try to avoid bad hospitals. The who cut contracts due to low census or are troublesome to deal with…and believe me hospital run the gamut from good to crappy depending on management. My recruiter April is always helpful and available. I feel to be recruiter though moat she have to work in healthcare to understand. I have ran across recruiters that playing a numbers game which I detest. TNAA as of right now arrives not be like those other agencies and hope they continue to do well.
Anonymous | June 25, 2016

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