Triage Staffing Reviews

Triage Staffing Reviews
Triage Staffing Reviews


Recently decided to switch from full time RN to a Travel Nurse after a long career in my local area. Being an empty nest…figured it was a good time. And boy, was I right. I called on Triage to get my first placement. Not bad, I dont have much to weigh against so I think I'll try another agency so that I can compare. While not a bad experience, some details were missed in the assigning process and getting to my first location was kinda of tough as I went between three different people, or departments (Not sure what they call it). -Suzie
Suzanne Knowlton | September 11, 2017
I have done multiple contracts with this company and a few with others and keep coming back to them.
Anonymous | July 28, 2016

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