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Worldwide Travel Staffing: A Career and Vacation in One

While some travel nursing agencies emphasize travel within the United States, Worldwide Travel Staffing encourages you to think bigger. It, too, offers assignments across the U.S., even featuring assignments in locations that many would not consider exotic, such as Kansas. Nevertheless, the larger emphasis is right there in the name: worldwide travel, exciting overseas locations, and earning good money while feeling like you’re on vacation. In fact, the emphasis on travel nurse assignments in exotic locations is so strong that Worldwide hosts an entire webpage on its site devoted to tropical locations where it offers assignments.

Weekly Pay

Needless to say, your salary as a travel nurse varies between assignments. The high end of the pay scale sees nurses earning over $50 per hour and over $3000 per week. However, with some agencies you may not see that money for two weeks or even a month, causing stress and anxiety as you wait for your pay to arrive. That’s not the case with Worldwide Travel Staffing; it pay its nurses on a weekly basis, so you can expect to see your money in your account via direct deposit every Friday.

Excellent Health Benefits

If you’re like most people in the job market, health insurance is job benefit that you value the most. Worldwide understands this and is committed to providing access to high-quality health care that is fully compliant with the Affordable Care Act. As a travel nurse with Worldwide, you have access to fully employer-paid single coverage through Blue Cross and Blue Shield, and if you require coverage for a domestic partner or other family members, plans are available for them, too. You also have access to dental coverage, also fully employer-paid.

Travel Expenses and Other Benefits

It goes without saying that travel is expensive, and the further you travel, the more money you spend. Fortunately, Worldwide allows you to indulge your wanderlust by offering reimbursement of your round-trip travel expenses on most assignments.

Many travel nurses report that the most appealing job perk is compensation for lodging costs. Worldwide offers you a per diem lodging and relocation allocation. You will typically receive this via direct deposit along with your weekly earned wages.

While travel nurses may prefer to live in the now, it doesn’t hurt to plan for the future, and Worldwide allows you to start saving for your retirement with a 401k plan available to you from the first day of your assignment, which is yours to keep regardless of whether or not you remain employed with Worldwide.

24-Hour Support

Should issues arise during the application process or on the job, support is available by phone 24/7. As a smaller company, Worldwide can offer you personal attention. Refer to the Worldwide Travel Staffing reviews for more information.


Great company
Jon | November 18, 2017

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