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Ring- Holder- NecklaceMany medical professionals are not allowed to have long acrylic nails, wear bracelets or even a ring. The policy has to do with patient safety and prevention of contamination when dealing with patients. Surgical nurses are also required to cover their hair and earrings.  This does not mean that doctors or nurses are not allowed to wear their precious and valued rings. Most nurses remove the ring and pin it in their pocket.  A more secure way is to use the Ring Holder Necklace, Charm Holder Necklace, Smooth Open Heart Design by Ali C Art.   This unique handmade sterling silver jewelry keeps the ring close and safe. Wandering Nurse recommends this pretty looking Ring Holder Necklace for anyone preferring  to carry their engagement, wedding, etc. rings with them at all times.


A heart shaped holder is on a chain. To put ring on: slide chain off, put ring through opening in the top, and slide chain back on. You can also keep the chain on and slide the ring over one end, down and around the bottom and up over the other end. For charms either use a large jump ring or one that you can open and close securely.  Ring Holders are also a meaningful way to wear the rings of someone dear to you.

This holder will protect your ring by keeping it around your neck. You would know if the necklace came off. Though, the chances of that happening are very low because the chain catch is very strong. Handmade and customized jewelry is what Ali C Art is best known for selling. It only makes sturdy jewelry in sterling silver which is one of the finest forms of silver. The nature of its products have made it a household online name in the world of handmade jewelry. If you would like your Ring Holder pendant in 14K solid gold you can send a message for a quote.


Quality and Elegance

Wandering Nurse recommends this product for multiple reasons. The fact that the design of it is elegant and would suit any woman. Secondly, Ali C Art uses only the best materials. Wandering Nurse would only want to recommend a product that is coming from a certified seller. A seller that focuses on delivering the very best to its customers. Accurate designs that stay within the quoted price  are what we expect.  Meeting quoted deadlines is important. Ali C Art has all those qualities and have never compromised on quality or the product. Moreover, the company is also offering the opportunity of getting the same product in 14K solid gold. Though it would increase the price a bit, the fact that the product is in gold would make it more precious.

Wandering Nurse recommends this jewelry for any doctor or nurse that is looking for something simple and artistic that would hold their most prized moments possession.


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