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Travel Nurse Illinois find it appealing because Chicago has widely acclaimed medical facilities and is an extraordinary way for travel nurses to help their resumes and careers. After your day of work is over you will locate the best benefits of Chicago, its nightlife which has some of the best bars, eateries and dance club in the state. The Science and Engineering is only one of numerous incredible historical centers you will discover. The Shed Aquarium is another pleased historic point that you can appreciate along Lake Michigan Boulevard. If that psyche is at the forefront of your thoughts, then experiment with the Magnificent Mile where Chicago’s most rich inhabitants shop in the finest of the universes retails stores and boutiques.

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Advantages of Travel Nurse Illinois

Learn and Travel

Being a travel nurse is a great adaptable professional decision that empowers you to travel and find out about various communities in Illinois. Indulge yourself in an assortment of cultures and identities while working in a vocation that you adore.

Proficient Enhancement

Since travel nursing places you in various work settings, you will without a doubt improve as an adjusted human services proficient. Additionally, you’ll improve your aptitudes in your specialty that you prefer, as well as the specialties to which you float.

Extra Requirements

If you have a family, your travel nurse organization will endeavor to guarantee that you have quality lodging for you and your family. With the anxiety of finding housing off your schedule, you can unwind and appreciate the experience of voyaging and finding out about Illinois with your family.


The place that is known for Lincoln has it all as travel nursing occupations are bottomless in Illinois. Lake Michigan’s size is amazing and is a prominent destination for nurses that are water aficionados. Baseball fans will love getting recreations at Wrigley or U.S. Cell Field. Chicago offers a portion of the best enormous city living in the United States.

Illinois offers significantly more than huge city living. Travel nurse Illinois will experience a lot, the curious towns, and the lovely moving slopes and farmland. Share the street with the steed and carriages of Illinois’ Amish residents. Find the old fashioned shops and agriculturists markets giving the freshest of produce. Illinois grand byways will lure you to spend your days off at some of the state’s best kept insider facts.


If you are searching for a really differing state in which to fill in as a travel nurse, Illinois is the state for you. Whether you look for a urban enterprise or desire a more tranquil way of life, you’ll find what a setting to suit your necessities in Illinois. For example, if you wish to dwell in a cosmopolitan city, Chicago has bounty to offer to you as far as social encounters and nightlife. On the other hand, the more rural areas in the state will likewise pacify those of you fancying to find a more basic lifestyle. Furthermore, with the wealth of fulfilling travel nurse accessible in Illinois, you’re certain to have a remunerating proficient affair in your travel task.


Cheryl Roby, RN

Cheryl J. Roby is a retired RN and US Army Nurse Major. She has over 30 years of nursing experience and 26 years of military experience in the Army Nurse Corp. During her nursing career she has traveled as part of her military experience visiting many of the 50 states and once to South Korea. Her medical training began during the Vietnam era when trained as an army medic. She went on to train as an OR tech and then as a LVN/LPN. She completed nursing school and was direct commissioned into the reserve Army Nurse Corp. nurse. She appreciated the challenge of working in various specialties and expanding her clinical and professional skill sets. Her time in the Army Reserves and California National Guard gave her the opportunity to travel to most of the 50 states and working in other medical facilities. During her career she spent years as an OR nurse, Occupational Health Nurse, Hospice Nurse, Forensic Nurse, Nurse Case Manager for developmental disabilities, Parish Nursing as well as being a Nurse Entrepreneur.

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