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South Carolina travel nursing

Travel nurse South Carolina finds it appealing because travel nursing jobs here are a perfect respite from northern winter snow or a year round fun in the sun escape. The history of America, Caribbean feel, architecture of New Orleans and genuine southern charms converge in an inconceivable cluster of wonders known as South Carolina.

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Why Pick Travel Nurse South Carolina

Nursing jobs in Charleston take you to the culinary capital of the South. Some say South Carolina matches New Orleans in one of a kind and innovative toll. Satisfy your taste buds with she-crab soup or Okra Gumbo and Rice in Mount Pleasant. Travel nurse jobs in Greenville are midway situated close to the State Farmers Market and the Pavilion Indoor Recreation Complex.

South Carolina travel nurse benefits in Columbia consolidate high wages, paid private lodging and a brilliant chance to appreciate outside experience and unwinding. Columbia is home to the state’s three most beautiful streams. With the Broad, Saluda and Congaree Rivers for the water slanted, the city is positioned among the “Main 10 Canoe towns in America” by Paddler magazine. Indiscretion Beach is a great resort town only 15 minutes from downtown Charleston. Travelers can enjoy sculling, parasailing, plane skiing, kayaking, paddle loading up, and surfing on the water. They can as well take a bike or bike rental on a grand area journey.

A rich natural scenery

Travel Nurse South Carolina | best places to visitSouth Carolina has much to offer the traveling nurse. With a various scene of mountains, waterfalls, shorelines, timberlands, and lakes that is something for everybody. Western South Carolina is the piedmont locale of the Appalachian Mountains. Here white water rafting, paddling, and kayaking are well known leisure activities.

Travel nurse South Carolina jobs close coastline resorts like Kiawah, Hilton Head and Myrtle Beach. These are summer desert gardens for northern travel nurses.

Ardent golfers from around the globe head to South Carolina fairways where you can tee off into an Atlantic Ocean background. You can also test your aptitude level at a Jack Nicklaus-outlined mountain course. Hilton Head Island offers huge city stimulation in a little resort town environment with Broadway-style plays. The Hilton Head Choral Society, and the Hilton Head Symphony Orchestra are some examples.

Best places to visit

Travel nurse | South Carolina landmarksFor the traveling nurse who loves history, South Carolina is unparalleled. In Charleston alone there are 73 pre-Revolutionary structures, 136 late 1800s structures, and more than 600 building worked in the 1840s.

Charleston is the city for foodies and customers alike. It has some of the chief shopping and feasting in the South. In Charleston, you’ll enjoy streets lined with tall, tight places of peeling, diverse stucco, decorated with wooden screens and ironwork overhangs.

Palm trees, a tropical atmosphere and accommodating environment highlight the Caribbean feel. History is alive in South Carolina. While here on your travel nursing work, visit the notorious Fort Sumpter, which was the begin of the Civil War. Travel nurse South Carolina job holds up with outstanding history, expressions and exercises for you.

Travel nurse South Carolina job furnish you with an essence of the polite old South with the lifestyle of the present day New South. If you adore exploration and nature, find a travel nurse agency that will make South Carolina the spot for your travel nurse task.

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Cheryl Roby, RN

Cheryl J. Roby is a Registered Nurse and retired US Army Reserve Nurse Major. She has more than 30 years of nursing experience and 26 years of military experience in the Army Nurse Corp. During her nursing career, she has traveled as part of her military experience visiting many of the 50 states and to South Korea. She was trained as an Army Medic during the Vietnam era and later as an OR tec. She went on to become a Licensed Practical Nurse and then completed her nursing training as a Registered Nurse. She was then commissioned as an officer in the Army Reserves. She appreciated the challenge of working in various specialties and expanding her clinical and professional skill sets. Her time in the Army Reserves and California National Guard gave her the opportunity to travel to most of the 50 states and work in other medical facilities. During her career, she had the opportunity to work in several specialties to include, OR, Occupational Health, Hospice, Sexual Assault Team, Forensic/ Correctional Nurse, Nurse Case Manager for developmental disabilities, Parish Nursing as well as a Nurse Entrepreneur.

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