Travel Nursing Equals Changes of Scenery


For most traveling nurses one of the biggest perks is that they get to change their scenery, pretty much anytime they want. Most assignments are 8-12 weeks. So, that means a traveling nurse can head off to a new location every 2-3 months if they so desire. Travel nursing equals changes of scenery which, for most, is the whole purpose of becoming a traveling nurse.  

Small City versus Larger City

One way to change a traveling nurse’s scenery is to alternate between small cities and larger cities. Whether you grew up in a large city like San Francisco, in California or in a small city like Bisbee, in Arizona you can stick with what you are familiar with or go with the opposite.

Smaller cities equal smaller hospitals and a smaller staff. If you are a quieter, more shy person those types of cities may suit you more or turn you off. The smaller cities tend to have a slower pace and less pressure. However, they also may have fewer hours. And they also may not be able to teach you as much, because they don’t have the same types of patients.

Larger cities will have bigger hospitals which equals more and different kinds of patients. A traveling nurse can gain all sorts of different types of experience at a larger hospital. They can also, usually, keep as busy as they want to be. There tend to be more shifts to cover. There can also be more opportunities to network in a larger city. The downside, the cost of living will probably be higher, so keep that in mind.


Avoid the Colder Weather

Being able to travel all over the United States leaves open the option to “Get out of Dodge” and find warmer locations, all year round. You could take a travel nursing position in Florida or Arizona. Both states have milder winters and have tons to do while you are there.

You could enjoy a winter holiday in your shorts. You could also travel to and from work safely with no ice or snow to worry about. In Floria, on your off hours, you could take in the sights or relax on the beach. Traveling to Arizona will cure your winter blues anytime. They have more than 275 days with sunshine.

Travel Nursing Equals Changes of Scenery, Beautiful Scenery

If you don’t care what the weather is like but are looking for beautiful scenery then Maine or Oregon might be the places for you. Both have stunning scenery and are well worth any weather you may encounter.

Maine is well, Maine. Known for their beauty in the fall, you may want to take an assignment there in September, October or November. And after you get your fill in Maine, Oregon’s mountains are worth the mild winters and no snow.

Travel nursing has many perks. One of the perks that draw nurses into traveling is that travel nursing equals changes of scenery. You can change your scenery every 2-3 months if you so desire. You can go from large cities to smaller cities. You can also travel to places with tons of snow or no snow. There is also the option of avoiding the cold weather in the winter months and the hot weather in the summer months.

Travel nursing is a rewarding job and offers travel nurses all sorts of amazing opportunities. If you are just becoming a traveling nurse, the options are endless and can seem a bit overwhelming. Think about why you decided to become a traveling nurse. Those reasons will help you decide where to begin your amazing journey.

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