Travel Nursing Specialties


If becoming a traveling nurse is anywhere on your radar, now or in the future, and is important that you pick a specialty. You will need at least one year of experience in whatever specialty choose. To make yourself as “marketable” as possible it would not be a bad idea to have more than one specialty. It is also important to pick specialties that give you the best chance at getting the best travel nursing jobs. Below is a list of specialties that are in demand, as of now:

Critical Care Nurses

Critical care nurses are almost always in demand. A critical care nurse usually works in areas of the hospital where the patients need the most care. Those areas include but are not limited to: the Pediatric Intensive Unit, Adult Intensive Care Unit and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, post-operative and evacuation medical units. Critical Care Nurses are also in high demand in the (ICU) intensive care unit and the emergency room.


In order to be a traveling nurse, you must be registered in the state you wish to work in. In order to get registered, you will need to apply after taking and passing their test. Be aware critical care nurses require extensive training in the necessary technology to use all the equipment that is needed. That training will be required before you can get certified as a critical care nurse.

Labor and Delivery

In order to work in the labor and delivery unit, you will not need extra or special training. That does not mean any nurse can or should choose to work in labor and delivery. It does it require a specific set of skills that only certain people possess.

The great part about labor and delivery is that there are babies being born in every state. That means a travel labor and delivery nurse is going to be in demand just about everywhere. If you do want to specialize in an area of labor and delivery you can become certified as a midwife. A certified nurse midwife can help the doctor during the delivery.


Orthopedics is a specialty and requires two years of experience, on the job, before you can study for and take the nurse certification exam for orthopedics. Choosing this path gives a person a great opportunity to work with other professionals which helps you network and also helps you enhance your nursing skills.


Travel nurses in oncology have a very special skill set that is always in high demand. Oncology nurses work with patients that are more likely to develop cancer, at some point or who are already fighting cancer. An oncology nurse will need extensive education about the many diverse and unique treatments and drugs that are used to fight cancer.

Due to the nature of an oncologist’s specialty, a traveling oncology nurse can do a lot of traveling or can stay in a spot longer. Many hospitals are even willing to do shorter assignments, 8 weeks to longer assignments, 26 weeks.

Travel Nursing Specialties

The list above is just a few of the many travel nurse specialty openings that are almost always in high-demand. Some of the travel nursing specialties require specialized certifications and some do not. Just keep in mind that any nurse wanting to become a traveling nurse is going to need to have at least 12-24 months of on-the-job experience in a specialty.

Travel nursing specialties allow a traveling nurse to travel as little or as much as he or she wants to. It is a great opportunity to increase a person’s skill sets and to network along the way.       

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