Traveling Nurses Who Own Homes Can Rent Out


When we go on a long vacation we might: stop our mail, have a family member or friend stop by every few days to check on the house and/or take other precautions to keep our houses safe. A traveling nurse may have some concerns about leaving his or her home for extended periods of time. This article will explore the option that traveling nurses who own homes can rent out their homes.

Why would a Traveling Nurse want to Rent out their Home?

Most people owning a home have to pay a mortgage and put money in for their city taxes, every month. That payment must be made whether you are living in your house or not. One reason to rent out your home while you are traveling is to help or completely pay for your mortgage. Even if you are making good money as a traveling nurse it certainly can’t hurt to make more.

Most people who travel for long periods of time have someone look in on their house. They want to make sure there aren’t any issues, like flooding or the house being broken into. Renting out your home while traveling is a great way to protect your home. You have someone living there and able to call you or the agency you are working with to notify them of any issues. That way if there is say, a flood, you won’t end up with more damage, from mold or more of your personal items being damaged.

How do you Rent out your Home?

First, you need to find a company you feel comfortable working with. One company that many traveling nurses use is called Airbnb.  Airbnb is a company that helps people put their homes up for rent and/or helps a person find a home to rent. Do not worry if you do not feel like your home is located in a “high demand” area. You will be surprised at how many people will want to book your home.

The best way to get bookings is to work with a company that is going to do a good job marketing your home. One way to find out if they will do a good job is to visit their website and test it out. Look for a home near you or maybe even near the next traveling nurse assignment you have.

Nervous Renting to Strangers?

If you are renting out your home for the first time you may be nervous about renting your home to a stranger.  One way to alleviate that nervousness is to rent your home to another traveling nurse. You know they have had a background check and fingerprints done. And in many cases either you will know them or someone you know will know them, so ask around.

Traveling nurses are responsible and in most cases reliable. They will pay, or the agency they work for will. And since they are traveling nurses they will likely only need to rent for a short amount of time. Plus if you really think about it, how much time will they actually be able to spend in your home? Most of the time they will be working or sleeping, just like you do when you travel.

Feel Better and Get Traveling

Traveling nurses who own homes can rent out their homes taking a worry off their list. If you are going to be gone for weeks at a time you should either have someone checking in on things or renting your home out so someone is onsite. Traveling nurses can enjoy traveling more if they know things at home are all good.

Traveling nurses who do rent out their homes add to their income making travel nursing an even more appealing idea. So if getting to see the world, network with different people, building on your skills and making good money isn’t quite enough, add having someone else paying for your mortgage. Happy Traveling!


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