Unsung Healthcare Heroes: Inspired Comfort Winners Announced


Laurie Ketterl, a nurse manager in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).  Ketterl is described as someone who challenges her peers to think outside the box to provide excellent patient care. Ketterl jumped into action this year when a premature baby and his critically ill mother were in separate Intensive Care Units. The baby was was placed in intensive care since it was born at just 29 weeks.   Ketterl arranged for the mother and baby to see each other for via a video call using two iPads. The mother had never seen her son and would soon undergo a life-saving surgery.  Staff watched in amazement as the mother kissed her child on the forehead using the screen and the baby responded with a kick. Thanks to Ketterl’s innovation and exceptional care, the hospital’s foundation has since funded iPads for the NICU.

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