The Life Changing Opportunities to
Change the World Volunteering in
Developing Economies

Many professionals who work in a wide variety of industries often get the opportunity to travel for work.

Some who work in healthcare, or welfare roles will sometimes want to use their skills and knowledge to find long term placements working within developing economies, or countries that have fewer resources or no money for proper medical care.

Choosing to take this step is brave and rewarding, and with the support of a top travel nurse agency, it can offer the person taking the opportunity many personal as well as professional benefits.

Here, we’ll examine how life changing opportunities to change the world in developing economies could work for you, if you’re considering a change of pace and professional and personal improvement.

You’ll Gain New Interests

They say that travel broadens the mind and broadens your horizons. Once you move and discover there is a whole new world out there filled with people, places and cultural experiences waiting to be sampled, there really will be no stopping you.

You may even discover that aspects of your healthcare work that you might not have enjoyed so much in one country, are more interesting or rewarding in a new place.

Learning about new cultures, made easier as housing options for travel nurses are often ideal for living in the local community, and volunteering to help can ignite a passion to come home and spread the word about becoming a responsible volunteer and in turn, you could help to educate others on your mission, and on ethical volunteering too.

You’ll Gain Many New Skills

Developing your personal and professional skills takes on a whole new dimension when you’re working abroad and volunteering.

Cross cultural communication mixed with a healthy dose of learning greater levels of patience, tolerance and understanding are just a few of the biggest and most rewarding skills that can be learned and developed when working and traveling abroad.

Writing about your experiences is a superb way to share all this newly acquired knowledge and setting up a blog or journal for others to read creates a creative outlet with which to speak about the skills you’ve learned and conversely, the challenges you have faced.

You’ll Gain A Greater Knowledge of the World

If you choose to work in more than one country, over time your general knowledge of the world will improve, not to mention your understanding of how other cultures integrate and operate.

Other countries have different methods of education, healthcare, social welfare and learning about these informs you not only about how a country works on an everyday level, but how the people who live within that culture adapt and respond to each other.

Spending time interacting with local people from indigenous populations can help you understand more about their culture which in turn will help build relationships and ultimately make you a more worldly and culturally aware person.


You’ll Learn To Appreciate What You Have

Living in a third world country will give you a brand new perspective on how much you take for granted in your own home.

Seeing how other people live with scarce resources such as limited food, dirty drinking water, and even no proper homes will make you think twice the next time you get angry because you’re stuck in a traffic jam, or your favorite brand of coffee is out of stock at the store.

It will make you appreciate what you have and become more aware of how much wastage there is in developed countries. It will also make you count your blessings to have access to health care, water, food, and a roof over your head.


You’ll Make Friends From Different Cultures

You’ll hopefully not only make friends with the people you work alongside, but you’ll also get to know the people you are helping to make a difference to. This means you get to know a very wide range of people from across many different cultures and boundaries.

Sometimes these networks of people can become your lifeline and you can make connections which will last a lifetime. Not only will you make lasting friendships, but you’ll also learn so much about other cultures throughout the world that you might not other wise have found out about had you stayed working in your home country.

Your Attitudes to Politics and Social History Will Change

Working and volunteering in impoverished or developing economies gives you the opportunity to see first hand the range of issues and challenges that country has, and what, if anything is being done to help tackle the problems. It will radically alter your perception of politics and social history.

You’ll become more socially responsible and aware of what goes on away from your home country. It can, unfortunately, mean you’re going to expose yourself to some harsh realities and emotional stories, but this is all part of the experience and it will ultimately enrich your life and make you want to help as much as you can.

You’ll Take More Notice Of The News

You will become worldlier wise and want to keep up with global news, especially in the places you have lived and worked in.

It’s an important aspect of your work and also socially responsible to keep abreast of events in the countries you have witnessed first-hand. It will also encourage you to be more proactive in terms of working to help people in your own country understand what is going on outside their own borders.


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