Worst Travel Nurse Jobs

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Travel nurses may move from one position to another every 8 weeks. However, most people who become travel nurses know that going into it and rather enjoy the change of scenery. Just as in any profession there are good jobs and there are the worst travel nurse jobs. Below is a list of what makes for the worst travel nurse jobs out there.

Lack of Information

The worst travel nurse jobs include ones where the company doing the hiring leaves out important details. The agency may claim not to know all the details that is a huge red flag. They usually know more than they claim. The reason they do not want to tell you is because they know you are going to end up having issues. They know because either they have had someone quit on them or complain about the assignment.


Believe it or not, it is possible to be bored to the point of feeling like you have been assigned the worst travel nursing jobs. Most travel nurses choose the field because it will take them to interesting places and they will gain a lot of experience. However, depending on the length of the assignment some travel nurses never get the chance to settle in. Or they are assigned the “easiest” patients because the nurse in charge doesn’t trust the traveling nurses’ skills. The charge nurse really has no idea what the travel nurse is capable of doing.  They also want to get their own nurses as much experience as possible.

Stuck Floating

There are no guarantees when it comes to being a travel nurse. Some assignments may require the travel nurse to float while they are there. Floating can mean covering in many different areas, for nurses that are out. Being a substitute doesn’t sound too bad in theory. However, any nurse will tell you the worst travel nurse jobs include being a floater. One of the biggest reasons being a floater is no fun is because the traveling nurse has no idea where anything is. You could also end up in a department that you are either unfamiliar with or not as comfortable with, as a result of floating.

Bad Location

If you are new to the world of travel nurses expect there to be a learning curve. Veteran travel nurses know which places to avoid. So, be sure you do some research about the place your recruiter wants to send you before you accept. Bad locations can definitely make a travel nurse feel like he/she have been assigned the worst travel nurse jobs. If you know any other travel nurses talk to them and ask them a lot of questions.

Bad locations are mostly considered bad when they make the travel nurse feel unsafe. No one wants to travel the world only to be afraid to go to work, because the recruitment agency sent them into a dangerous area.


Unfortunately this happens with some, NOT all, recruiting companies. They are trying to negotiate how much pay you will receive and where your accommodations will be. In the process of navigating all of those decisions they may recommend a place that is not very good. For example, places to stay like a hotel. The recruiter may have no idea if it is good or not, but it is cheaper than the others. You have to negotiate and do your research. Go online and check on the ratings for that hotel. Or if you feel that you will be there long enough you can insist on an apartment.

Being Ostracized

Some hospital staff members consider travel nurses to be similar to a person who crosses the picket line. They do not want “strangers” coming into their hospital. While not wanting to be working with someone they don’t know is somewhat understandable, it is part of reality. Most facilities try to use a travel nurse in some productive capacity.

However, travel nurse jobs become the worst travel nurse jobs when the nurse in charge purposely gives the travel nurse too many patients. Or worse gives him/her the neediest patients. This is an issue because they are stating that patient care is unimportant to them. They only care about making the travel nurse miserable.

On top of all of that, they are opening the hospital to all sorts of liabilities. They are also opening the recruitment agency and the travel nurse to all types of liabilities.

travel nurse paperwork

Paperwork, but no Job

In order to become a travel nurse there is a TON of paperwork that will have to be filled out. Travel nurses can have crazy hours and finding the time to get more paperwork in is not easy. A frustrating aspect of this type of work can be going through all the hoops only to find out the job is gone. Or worse filling out all the paperwork and find out the job never existed.

Wrapping Up

Becoming a traveling nurse can be and is a great experience for most travel nurses. Nurses that love to travel can get quite a bit of traveling in all while making pretty good money. It is also a great way to gain all sorts of experience. Many times a travel nurse will get more experience in 1 year of traveling than a nurse in the same position and place for years.

Travel nurses will feel like the assignments are the worst travel nurse jobs when they are: not given all the information, bored out of their minds, because the charge nurse doesn’t trust their skills, stuck floating to different areas and don’t know where things are, sent to a bad location, feel ostracized by the other nurses, because they don’t want them there and are making that very clear, are given misinformation or go through all the steps to obtain a job that disappears after all the paperwork is filled out.



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